solaire4Wine is a wonderful beverage that many individuals love to consume daily. Whether you’re headed to your favorite restauarnt for a wine tasting or you’re relaxing at home, knowing the answer to some specific questions may be able to help you decide which wine for you is best.

What’s the difference between white wine and red wine?

Regardless of knowing if you like white wine more than red wine or vice versa, it may be beneficial for you to understand what the correlations between the two wines are, including the differences.

No matter what wine you encounter, it will contain “tannins.” Tannins are what give the wine its color, texture and bitter taste. In this case, the red tannins of a red or purple grape will be used to make red wine. You can conclude from this information, white wine is created with white (better known as green) grapes. However, it’s best to understand tannins are only found in the skins, seeds and stems of the grape.

What exactly is a tannin?solaire wine menu

According to, a tannin is a naturally occurring compound that exists inside grape skins, seeds and stems. Furthermore, the scientific word for these compounds is polyphenols. When a grape is crushed and soaked for wine (pressed), the polyphenols release from the seeds, stems and skins. This is what will give some certain wines a very tannic taste, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. You can describe a tannic wine as one which has characteristics inducing astringency and dryness.

What makes some wines more tannic than others?

There are some wines you will taste which are pressed with nearly all tannins. Others will have little to no tannic dryness. Why? The strongest of the tannins within a wine will depend on how long the juice of the wine has been pressed with the stems, seeds and skins. For highly tannic wines, you can expect the wine to have been aged for longer with the skins, seeds and stems. This is one of the reasons why many individuals enjoy red wine more than white; commonly, white wine is not soaked as long as red wine.

solaire3What gives a wine its color?

Furthermore, you may be wondering why some red wines have a deeper and more robust color, along with a deeper and more robust taste; this is due to the winemakers adding more skins to impart more color. By doing so, more tannins are added to the press of the grapes which extract a higher volume of tannins and add a much deeper complexity to the wine being pressed.

Why do winemakers love to use tannins so much?

Some wine lovers wonder why winemakers create such tannic wines or allow wine to have tannins within them at all. The answers: Tannins are also a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants naturally protect the wine, making wine an age-worthy beverage that can sit for years at a time. Plus, it doesn’t hurt knowing you’re consuming some sort of antioxidant, right?

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