While craft beer is slowly becoming a popular option at bars, wine remains the classic craft of delectable beverages. From full bodied reds to crisp whites, the spectrum of wines is endless. If you are one of those individuals that finds comfort in a delicious glass of wine, and you have yet to visit Solaire’s wine bar, or experience one of our wine tasting events, your world is about to change.

Solaire’s wine bar, located in Hudson, has a large wine list that incorporates wines from countries all over the world. You can expect to taste wines that you’ve never heard of when you join us at our wine bar. While at the bar, break down your preference of wine to the bartender, and allow for us to find the perfect bottle for you. Each bottle will have grapes from a range of vineyards as well as unique accents to create every glass you enjoy.

If you’re looking to experience a selection of wines, with an experience that encompasses tasteful wines and the histories behind them, we suggest signing up for one of Solaire’s wine tasting events. We host wine tasting events twice a month, focusing on a particular part of the world. Each wine is paired with dishes that match and compliment the wine, making it an experience that is sure to enhance your opinion of wine.

If you’re a fan of delicious wines, and are ready to experience them in an entirely new light, stop in at Solaire. We promise to provide you with an experience unlike any other! Reserve your spot in one of our wine tastings, or make a reservation for our wine bar today!