If you’ve only just started indulging in wine, then you’re likely a bit intimidated by the amount of choices lining the aisles at the liquor store. It’s probably even more intimidating when you’re out for a meal and you’re trying to decide which bottle of wine is best suited for your meal, red, or white?

Solaire is an enjoyable and luxurious wine bar that offers bottles of wine from around the world. While that may sound even more intimidating, don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the type of wine that you’re a fan of while providing you a bit of an experience. In this blog post, we hope to break down the main differences between white and red wine so that you can have at least a bit of an idea as to which wine you’re going to want to pick.

The difference between these two types of wines goes back to the types of grapes used to make each one. As you may have guessed, red wine is made from darker grapes, while white is made from the light green grapes. These two grapes each posses a different taste from the beginning, so it only makes sense that these types of wine have different flavors.

Because these wines do taste different, they pair with different types of food. Red wines are usually paired with red meats, while white wine is paired with white meat, easy enough to remember right? So, for example, if you’re enjoying a steak you’ll pair it with a red wine, while a fish dish will be paired with a white.

Along with the different types of food they’re served with, each wine is served in different types of glasses because of the way they react to their exposure of air. Red wines are served in a taller glass that will have a larger bowl, while white wines will be served in narrower glasses. Red wines are usually bolder in aromas and flavor, so the larger bowl allows for these flavors to emerge!

These are only a few of the differences that these two types of wines posses. To gain a better understanding of wine, or to simply indulge in new tastes and types of wine, visit Solaire wine bar or plan on joining us for one of our wine tasting events.