solaire4Wine is easily accessible to us; we drive to the liquor store, walk down a few aisles and pick the wine that sounds best at the moment. Little thought is given to where the grapes are from, how long the bottle has been corked or what scents can be found within, when in reality it’s these very factors that make a bottle of wine so enjoyable.

At Solaire Wine Bar, we do our best to provide an eclectic selection of wine for our customers to enjoy. As we pour you a glass of delicious wine, we will explain to you the components that make this wine worth trying. Here are a few of the locations that you’re sure to hear us mention during your wine tasting party.


While not as far as other bottles of wine at Solaire, the bottles of wine that come from California offer delicious flavors from different vineyards. The gorgeous forms of the hills paired with the ocean breeze make it the perfect climate for growing grapes worthy of wine bottles.


You had to know this one was coming! Italy is the country that produces the most wine in the world. Whether pair with a meal or cooked with, Italians incorporate wine into just about every dish. Find savory red wines and light whites, either way you’re sure to enjoy.


Some of the sweetest fruits are grown in Australia, making this one of the best places for wine to cultivate! Known for the Shiraz, a red grape, Australia has created hundreds of delicious wines that we get the pleasure of enjoying.

One thing you can count on when you visit Solaire Wine Bar is a new taste. When you reserve your wine tasting party, you can give us a briefing of what types of wine you and your party are looking to try so we can make sure that we’ve got you taken care of when you arrive.