solaire3When you go to a wine tasting event, you can almost always expect to indulge in a pairing of tasty wine and delectable types of cheese, but why is this pairing so popular? This two delicious parts of fine dining got brought together for two reasons, one being a cultural reason, the other being an effect that the two together produce.

One of the similarities that wine and cheese share is the process of fermentation. Cheese is made from fermented milk while wine is made from fermented grapes. During the process of creating a fine bottle of wine, different ingredients are added, one being tannin. This contributes to the preservation process, but also to the bitter aftertaste for some wines. The reason that cheese and wine go so well together is because this bitter aftertaste is countered by foods that are high in protein and fat. The saltiness of the cheese is what really tames the tannin from the wine and make the experience even more enjoyable.

While you can mix and match to your preference, there are some guidelines as to which types of cheese work well with particular wines. For instance, soft cheeses like goat, feta and mozzarella go well with wines like a nice Chianti, Bordeaux or Champagne.

At Solaire, you can expect to enjoy wine and cheese that pair beautifully together. The way that we set up our wine tastings is by drawing our focus to one specific part of the world, selecting a delicious selection of wine and pairing them with foods that compliment their complex and savory flavors. Contact Solaire to schedule a wine tasting party, or to reserve your spots in one of our bi-monthly wine tasting events.