solaire6Mothers have quite the job. Raising children and being a shoulder to cry on, spending long days at work and household chores among others. This is not to say that dads aren’t hard working parent’s too, but let’s be honest, mothers do an amazing job that no one else can get done. For that special mother in your life, whether it be your mother, a mother in law, a grandmother, an aunt or simply just a friend, it’s important to treat them to a day where they can feel your appreciation.

While movies are fun, and retail therapy never fails to get the job done, Solaire offers a new experience for you to treat the mothers in your life too. At Solaire, we offer all that you need to enjoy a weekend getaway. From our eclectic supply of wine and fine dining restaurant, to our cozy inn and gorgeous salon and spa.

Enjoy one of our many salon services while sipping on delicious wine from across the world. Nothing will provide the same relaxing environment and time together as some quality time as the environment and experience of Solaire Wine Bar. Join us for dinner after you enjoy your refreshing salon experience, and end the night with a bottle of wine in our cozy and comfortable suite.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner; whether you join us for the weekend, dinner or just a drink, Solaire Wine Bar is the place to be. Call us today to schedule a reservation.