wine3There is so much that goes into a good bottle of wine. From the grapes and undertones used and  the bottle it is corked in, to the amount of time that it sits and how it is served. When you visit Solaire wine bar, you will be choosing from some of the most delectable wines across the world, so it would only make sense that you get the absolute most out of each sip. Here are a few of the ways that you can enjoy each glass of wine to it’s full extent.


Before you decide on a full bottle, or even a full glass, it’s common to enjoy a few sips. Your server should pour roughly one to two ounces in your glass so that you can get an idea of what the general flavor and aroma will be.


Once you’ve had your tester poured, the first step is to take in the aroma. Start by giving the wine in your glass a good swirl; this exposes it to a larger surface area and allows for the air to bring out the aromas. Hold your glass by the stem and take in the aromas of the wine. Smelling several times can help you take in all of the various aromas. The overall enjoyment of your wine will come from the combination of the scent and the taste, so it’s important not to skip this step.


You will enjoy your wine most when you take small sips. This will help you get all of the flavors that you’ve noted through the scents. As with the smelling, it’s important to swirl your glass each time you take a sip.

If you have yet to really indulge in a bottle of wine this way, then you are in for a treat. Visit Solaire wine bar to experience some of the most delicious fine wines from around the world!