Are you searching for a bottle of wine to pair well with Christmas dinner? If you’ve visited our restaurant time and time again, and you’ve realized you’d like to pour glass upon glass of wine for yourself, your family and your friends for Christmas dinner, it’s crucial you get the pairing right. Unfortunately, we’re closed on Christmas so our employees can enjoy Christmas with their families too; however, we’ve created a special list of food and alcohol pairings for your to consider using this holiday season. If you’ve purchased bottles of wine for your holiday party and are searching for the perfect restaurant-style food to feed your guests, you’ll want to consider the following:

Holiday Dinner Wine Pairing Guide

When visiting a restaurant, who doesn’t love ordering and enjoying a mouth-watering appetizer before the main course? We know we do!


Smoked Salmon Canapes with Bubbly or Chenin Blanc

This delicious appetizer is delicious and can be made with cream cheese or whipped tofu cream cheese. Salmon is an obvious must and pairs well with nearly any moderately dry alcohol, such as Chenin Blanc or a bottle of champagne.

Pigs in a Blanket with Rose Champagne

There’s nothing easier to make than pigs in a blanket. This is an easy-to-prepare dish for family and friends that doesn’t take any effort at all. Plus, it’s a Christmas classic! Who doesn’t love pigs in a blanket? To make sure everyone’s thirst is quenched, serve these little piglets with a rose champagne. The rose champagne is the perfect match for the smoky-sweet fortitude you chose to serve.

Main Dishes

Prime Rib with Bordeaux

Want to make your guests’ mouths water with delight? Prime rib is the way to do just that. Serve perfectly cooked prime rib with a side or Bordeaux and listen to the chatter as it begins to dwindle to silence. Prime rib matches perfectly with a dark, rich and bold California Cab or Bordeaux wine.

Spiral Ham with Lambrusco or Zinfandel

Want to serve a dish that says “holiday spirit?” A rye-spiked honey-glazed ham is sure to do the trick. This juicy, savory dish, however, can pose several problems if not prepared correctly: It can be too sweet or overly salty. So, make sure your ham is baked to perfection and served with a sweet, yet subtle Lambrusco or Zinfandel to balance out the flavors.

Roasted Goose with Red Burgundy Wine

Sure, a roasted goose isn’t a very popular dish during the holiday season, but if you’re a brave and reckless soul, you may want to give this dish a shot. Commonly served in Germany and Britain, this kind of dish is known for being fatty and full of flavors that blend well with a red burgundy wine.

Pair Correctly with Our Wine

Pairing Christmas dishes perfectly with a fine wine will make you feel like you’re at our restaurant in Hudson. But, just like you, our employees would like to spend time with their family and friends this holiday season. We appreciate your understanding and will be here if you have any pairing questions. Feel free to stop by today to purchase a bottle or two of your favorite wines to create af fine dining experience in your very own home. Have questions? Contact us online now!