Bachelorette parties are intended to provide a special night for the bride to be, celebrating the last few days, or weeks of her being a bachelorette. When you begin to plan your lovely friend’s bachelorette party, consider spending a weekend at Solaire, located here in Hudson.

Solaire is the ultimate place for a weekend of pampering, including a full service salon and spa, a quaint inn, as well as fine dining and a wine bar with bottles from various parts of the world. Enjoying a bachelorette party at Solaire means that you could be experiencing the ultimate pampering session. Start off with the relaxing facials and pedicures offered at our spa and salon, followed by a delicious dinner inspired by Greek and Italian cuisine. Each dish will be paired with one of our tasty wines, creating the perfect meal. After that, spend some time relaxing and enjoying a girls night in our cozy inn.

A weekend getaway at Solaire is really all that it’s cracked up to be. No bride could ask for a more personal, and enjoyable bachelorette party! The class mixed with extravagant pampering is everything that a bride needs before her big day!

If you’re really looking to treat the soon to be bride, schedule her bachelorette party at Solaire and allow her to enjoy a weekend of pampering at our salon, fine dining and wine at our restaurant and a comfort stay in our luxurious inn. Solaire is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable event venues in Hudson! Get in contact with Solaire today, to book your stay with us.