wine bar hudsonThe world has created a wild amount of wines. From Italy to California, wines have been crafted from different grapes, mixed with spectacular spices and fermented for ranges of time, all creating delectable bottles of wine for us to indulge in. With so many fine wines in the world, it’s impossible to say that you’ve found your favorite. At the wine bar here at Solaire, we offer a selection of wine that is always expanding. From sweet and crisp whites to the bold and full body reds, our wine list offers a glimpse into the world of wine.

At Solaire, we offer tastings with our wine bar twice a month. Each wine tasting party will focus on a specific part of the world and will be paired with similar foods. Made for you to enjoy, these wine tasting events will provide you with an experience you could never enjoy in the comfort of your home. From our eclectic taste to the romantic ambiance, Solaire truly offers a wine tasting experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a day with close friends or are celebrating a special event, Solaire can take care of you. Our wine tastings not only allow for you to get a taste of wines you might not have found otherwise, but they provide you with the knowledge on how the wines were made and what types of foods compliment them.

If you are interested in one of our wine tasting events or would like to schedule your very own wine tasting party, request more information by calling our office today. We can answer any questions or get your reservation set.