1. What To Consider When Choosing a Restaurant

    Taking a break from life and going to dinner at a restaurant is one way to reward yourself. And, let’s face it, rewarding yourself is fun! Who doesn’t like to reward themselves? We do! With that being said, heading to a restaurant to indulge should be easy, right? You get to eat great food, enjoy great service and sometimes there’s a little more you can appreciate if you choose the right res…Read More

  2. The Many Wonderful Benefits of Wine

      Wine is a delicious beverage many individuals love to indulge in several times a week. Not only is wine tasty, but it can provide the people who drink it with great benefits. Yes, we said benefits. Sure, there are plenty of downsides to drinking too much alcohol, but wine is one that, if drank in moderation, can provide you with health benefits. Science even says so! 8 Amazing Health Benefi…Read More

  3. Our Guide To Holiday Food Wine Pairing

    Are you searching for a bottle of wine to pair well with Christmas dinner? If you’ve visited our restaurant time and time again, and you’ve realized you’d like to pour glass upon glass of wine for yourself, your family and your friends for Christmas dinner, it’s crucial you get the pairing right. Unfortunately, we’re closed on Christmas so our employees can enjoy Christmas with their fam…Read More

  4. All You Need To Know About Tannins

    Wine is a wonderful beverage that many individuals love to consume daily. Whether you’re headed to your favorite restauarnt for a wine tasting or you’re relaxing at home, knowing the answer to some specific questions may be able to help you decide which wine for you is best. What’s the difference between white wine and red wine? Regardless of knowing if you like white wine more than red wine…Read More

  5. Justified Benefits of Wine Consumption

    Wine has been around for ages, and there’s no doubt about it, drinking wine provides consumers with many wonderful benefits. Whether you enjoy scheduling wine tastings with friends or like to sip on your favorite red while eating dinner with good company, the benefits of wine are known world-wide. This leads us to the question, which ones have been proven by scientists? Here are some of the key …Read More

  6. Red, Red Wine

    If you have made your reservation for the wine bar at Solaire, we look forward to serving you our quality wine! Feel free to experiment with a new type or an old favorite. Here are some of our favorites and what you can expect when you order one: Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon was accidentally born from a Cabernet Franc grape breeding with a Sauvignon Blanc grape plant. This wine is known f…Read More

  7. Brides, Solaire is the Perfect Pre-Wedding Destination

    Brides have stressful wedding days! The day before is layered with nail appointments at one place, waxing at another, dinner at a restaurant across town, and an early morning hair appointment. Yikes! What if you could do all of that in one relaxing getaway? At Solaire, your pre-wedding dreams come true. Imagine arriving at our Hudson beauty salon days before your wedding to be pampered, massaged, …Read More

  8. Pamper Dad This Father’s Day

    Pampering is not just for women! Don’t be afraid to treat your husband or father (or both!) to our Gentleman’s Retreat package. These three hours of relaxation are $190 and offer the man in your life a men’s manicure, a men’s pedicure, a facial, and a Triple Treat massage. Our spa treatments for men are not about how he looks when he leaves, but rather about how he feels during his treatme…Read More

  9. How to Prepare for Your Wax Appointment

    We at Solaire look forward to your visit! If you scheduled a waxing appointment, you can trust that you will be in the hands of professionals. However, for those of you who would like to prepare before you arrive at Solaire, here are some tips to make the most of your waxing appointment: Exfoliate your skin: If the dead, dry skin is removed from the area you would like waxed, it will be easier for…Read More

  10. Treating Your Mother To A Glass

    Mothers have quite the job. Raising children and being a shoulder to cry on, spending long days at work and household chores among others. This is not to say that dads aren’t hard working parent’s too, but let’s be honest, mothers do an amazing job that no one else can get done. For that special mother in your life, whether it be your mother, a mother in law, a grandmother, an aunt or simply…Read More